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Do people who afk get punished?


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I launched a game and our thief went afk since the start of the game, i reported him, will he get punished?

Or you can afk all the game you want and never get punished?


If you get never punished, perhaps malicious players can make a bot with the sole purpose of afking and getting the gold?



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2 hours ago, Crab Fear.8623 said:

you only get punished if you talk about them or cheats, but not if you actually do it

Funnily enough, this is 100% true

Been here for years through thousands of forum posts and game played and you run into hundreds of afkers, often the same ones multiple times on a weekly basis. There's even people that will knowingly add you and snipe your games just to afk if they end up on your team, simply because they do not like you.


Never seen anyone get a ban for it though. On the other hand i've seen at least 20 different people get some kind of forum ban when they inevitably snap and come here to report their tormentors directly.

Imagine their surprise when they are instead labeled a name-shaming cyberbully and end up being the only ones punished. 


I wonder what happened to the Anet that; at one point, would publicly strip the cheaters of all their items before waving at the camera and sending them falling to their deaths, only to ban them afterwards. Whoever did that is the kind of hero we need and deserve. Hire them back and sick them on the wintrader cartel.

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