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[sPvP] Yo G3-P1 WB's.. Does anyone else suck?


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Since the nerf to damage and F2 cleanses... I'm sucking more than usual. I'm not even winning favorable even matchups like how I used to. I've looked on a few people's Twitch streamers and they're not even playing WB in PvP anymore. Been seeing a lot more DH guards around...

Do we suck?

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Whelp, found my answer. We're better in Ranked sPvP... as oppose to AT's (gotta play kitten good to even get anywhere) but the only viable build rn is Zerks amulet basically.. rather, that's performing better than Marauders or Valks by a large margin. That said grinding out Rating is a huge uphill battle....

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Willbender is no longer meta. That OP bandwagon is gone. Not that its terrible how it used to be at start of EoD. But nerfs were significant. People that play what is currently top (as melee) play herald, spectre, bladesworn... What you see now are pople who like guardian as main and that include DH... no matter the meta.

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Meta is really easy to change, because, Meta is the top you can have with the classes as they are now, this moment.

Willbender lost some mobility, some damage, and so, even if for pvp, the loss are less than in pve, they are loss in any case, and a loss mean other classes could take advantage of it and can became the new meta flavor of the moment.

But like saying in some other posts, who use normally a single main class hardly change to another if the nerfs aren't "world changing" like what happened in pve, where condi FB lost a toon of damage and unless you set it as quickness, the class is dead to play with, or where power willbender literally disappear from the ranking radar (as DH).

So yeah, if you find your class lacking, maybe is time to change it (core guardian) or try something else.

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