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Can I max settings?

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There's a few other factors to take into account along with CPU, GPU and RAM such as hard drive(s), driver versions and internet connection, as well as what other software is running when you play the game. But, as Inculpatus points out, there's nothing stopping you from running the game yourself and experimenting with the settings to get the perfromance that you're happy with. *shrug*

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Note also that what resolution you play the game at will have a big impact on graphics performance.  4K resolution needs to render 4x the number of pixels as 1080p, so needs appropriately more power.

i5 just says it was a mid tier processor at the time of release -  a 12th generation i5, it is going to be a lot faster than a 4th generation i5.  That said, given the other specs, I would expect that it is an older release.

Content also makes a big difference - large groups/battles are what will stress things - if you are just wandering around mostly solo in PvE, a less powerful CPU will do.


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