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Conditions are cheats which developers installed for players to use

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Completely without reason with exponential damage per second and no logic at all.


At least with strike damage you actually have to touch your enemy. With conditions you spam the keys and fill the area with circles of condi. And the worst of all is that 1 skill has actually 5 conditions in 1 single hit. 


The stacks are totally unreasonable. your pvp makes no sense with conditions. One seconds i got 1 stack. 2nd second i have full stack. how is this damage over time? why are your conditions skipping times and jump to last stack in a second? 


Developers you have failed the combat system of players. this is reason to quit completely gw2. so many have done already.

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This thread is filled with salt , bias and most notably it holds a big void of knowledge.

op doesnt even know how conditions work.... "why are your conditions skipping times and jump to last stack in a second? "    WHAT!? what are you taling about!? LAST STACK!? WHAT? This is not guildwars 1......

conditionskills behave the exact same as powerdamageskills do. They on average have a higher tooltip and also bypass the targets Toughnessstat, but in addition to all the other mechanics that work on powerskill aswell (blocking,evading,yada yada) they can also be cleansed and the damage will not come all at once, the damage will happen over time. They do NOT increase damage over time... there is no LAST TICK.... they also have to hit you same as powerskills do.... they behave EXACTLY THE SAME.

If you are being stacked with conditions from Groundfields.... you should maybe reconsider if standing in them and then crying that conditions are overpowered is the right strat. For example if those would be powerfields... you would be toast aswell. If anything you would be dead faster, because powerdamage happens instantly.

Depending on the build your playing Conditions may seem extremly strong, or laughably weak. Builds with good cleanse are literally immune to conditions... whereas some builds for example Herald, will always melt to conditions. Some builds simply have conditions as their weakness, while other can handle them exceptionally well. If you are for example playing 3 diffrent builds and all of them are weak to conditions... you will 100% think that conditions are completly overpowered.

Maybe try anotherbuild that has good cleansing? Personally speaking the only thing that matters to me is: CAN MY BUILD CLEANSE GOOD. if the answer is yes... its probably a build that i like. I hate melting to conditions... and so do you. The problem with conditions is most likely that your build doesnt have enought cleanse, or that you are wasting your cleanses on conditionstacks that you could have simply tanked. You do NOT have to cleanse every bleed,cripple and sometimes even cleansing a single root is a misplay. sometimes its smart to eat a whole combo from a conditionbuild and then cleanse right after it. you will receive one big condihit, but you are clean right after it and the enemy will be on CD. If you cleanse halfway thru.... you will still eat the second part of the burst and melt to that. The whole cleanse-Condi-game needs some practice and most notably patience, but once youve got the hang of it, condis are pretty manageable....



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