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Psychic Riposte bug :)


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Psychic Riposte doesnt give unblockable bladesongs at all, everything gets reflected/blocked or sometimes 1 blade hit... and then everything being blocked.

Tested in pvp. 

Besides this bug... what the hell is dagger should do in pvp? It sucks at all ranges, has no damage, no utility, its so terrible, designer of this spec overall should see the door.

Also since beta distortion on blade renewal never gave reflects from inspiration traitline, to give reflects on distortion, it works with signets and regular shatter distortion but not with blade renewal.

APPARENTLY it doesnt work since march... so basically, its just never worked? 🤦‍♂️

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5 hours ago, SugarJohnson.4596 said:

Im still in the opinion that they knowingly implemented several limitations into virtuoso to have a second way of balancing it in PvP/WvW instead of just traits and skills. 

That a BS. If they would want to make it intentionally terrible (they mastered this art of making everything they touch tbh) they would just delete unblockable description and call it a day, its pure incompetence, to leave crucial trait that is meant to make it playble but since there is "the balance intern" that hate mesmer... that seems to be a bit more real

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I remember time when mesmer did a bit more damage on some skill than needed, fixed within hours. Here is very improtant trait (and trashy design - fully projectile depandt spec, kekw) cant work in the sea of reflects and projectile hate... 
Given that they dont fix harb projectiles that cannot be reflected... Doesnt seems like they have people who can actually fix thier mess

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On 8/3/2022 at 7:18 PM, Salt Mode.3780 said:

I would actually 2nd this, if they wanted to "nerf" it they should've put an ICD specifically for WvW or sPvP. As an all projectile class, there are too many projectile hate for this trait not to work properly.

Cries in Evasive Mirror.

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