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Before i leave this extreme casual game


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  • Spirits: Fixed a bug that caused spirit boons to be granted in a circle around the ranger instead of the spirit.


1: SPIRITS: This was only change for ranger in patch. This shows that your coolest and best take on spirits was not intentional and you are now removing it even if its same in pve where ppl port spirits to them to get alac so far as i know. In pvp spirits pulsing from you was nice change and opened alot of theorycraft and even some new dynamics and wasn t even close to being op or something like that. There was ability to play druid with grove runes to finally be able to give some protection to allies. There was option which opened up storm spirit play even without being traited for some marksmanship synergy on opening strikes. It was just more options and fun for theorycraft, team setups etc and you deleted it cus obviously you don t like options. Also thanks that ppl playing untamed can set autoattacks on pet skills now its great change because why not please the extreme casuals more while deleting the options for ppl which care.


2: DRUID is dead since pof and support druid was never even alive in pvp. How can you mess this spec so hard srsly. If you give thief shroud 10second recharge (not to mention alac) 30k hp and ally targeting how can you leave druid like this.

If 2 traits like clarity and stealth one are op to reduce cd just rework those 2 traits once in 8 years. Just giving druid better radius on glyphs and adding celestial avatar 5 to give stab to allies would do the work and make spec enyoable and playable atleast in ranked. Druidic clarity could be just 2 condi cleanse on allies  600 radius and it would still be good and picked instead this problematic, cleanse overkill, selfish trait on spec which was supposed to be support. I guess its hard to do when you operating on wiki.


3: SPECTATOR MODE: having this in guild wars 1 and not in gw2 is sad at least especially knowing gw2 biggest issue is wintrade in high tiers and botting in low tiers. Having spectators mode would solve those issues because having top5 rated games being recorded by game and being available for everyone to see will again solve this issue. We have spectator for browser and not for Ranked nice gj.   

Having spectator mode showing top 5 rated games each day for everyone and last 2 games you played would help new players get into the pvp by spectating what they want and learn rotations and also would help content creators because they could comentate on games but i guess this stays VIP in gw2 except pointless ability to spectate browser games.


After all this years trying to find some niche which work and i succeed with some the game tries so hard to kill any diversity is totally crazy. Btw last Mota higlighted the problems which are pretty obvious. Before Mota you stoped war and ele mains cry with this nonsense buffs to point where specs play themself and im sure war mains are not enjoying this atleast one which actually invested time to be good. Mota showed us that you have to pick exact same classes and mirror to be able to compete on top lvl which shows how bad balance in your game is. You can talk about better coordianation but inbalance is seen from the orbit and it stinks too. Catalyst is mess of spec hiding behind op mechanics (stab on aura earth shield etc) pretty obvious too. Mirage with power block is most skillfull playstyle and maybe only real interupt style spec in game which is sad on its own. Now when you see this build is not even close to being meta because absurd degen playstyles are what anet wants is actual going backwards in context of evolution. 


Since there is no support for interupt playstyle game never meant to be good from start. Im sure im like last ranger which played guildwars 1 as interupter and waited this long gw2 team to wake up and give us option instead pew pew. Gw2 have 1 viable team setup in mota and if its not mota than you can stack few of those in at and again its just amazing. Guild wars 1 had like 20 teambuilds which could be played and there wasnt huge gap between viability. Gw2 is stright up degradation from gw1 pvp, and its so big that even this great combat design cant help it. 


If your game have no diversity than it is not balanced because having diversity is indeed balance. I guess your main idea was quality of quantity but i can t see either of those. Good luck to tryhard ppl still playing the game where they can t change 300cd traits in few years and tweak few weps/utilities which was never used in first place. Wish my job was this easy.

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35 minutes ago, Trevor Boyer.6524 said:

What the hell? They actually changed the spirit's boons from Ranger pulse?

I figured they would have realized that the pulse bug was a GOOD thing for pvp and pve.

That was the best change Ranger has been given in years, and it was needed.

That's too bad.


Hotfix 8/2/2022: Fixed an issue that made spirits viable in pvp/raid content. Added pet aimbot.

Spirit druid would have been neat. Having people call targets on your lil oakheart hidden on a box to give you protection would have been kinda charming if people didnt exploit to make them unkillable in placements.

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40 minutes ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:


Hotfix 8/2/2022: Fixed an issue that made spirits viable in pvp/raid content. Added pet aimbot.

Spirit druid would have been neat. Having people call targets on your lil oakheart hidden on a box to give you protection would have been kinda charming if people didnt exploit to make them unkillable in placements.

First the skill of the pets were on passive , then we could manually cast it , then we can que it up again to be passive . WThell !


About spirits , yeah i liked the "bugged form" .

They could create "invisible" sphere around your character , that apply the spirit boons/heal (each with his own hp(circullar hp bar or like Mario-star-shapped)) and the actual spirits are like a placibo effects at the sideline


Or make Banners > Javelins for extra ranged attacks and the boons comes from  you or any target between get the quickness , like Shield from Mesmer ?. Picking it up reduce the cd , but quickness have an internal cd

Edited by Solitude.2097
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Makese sense for it to center around spirits. For engineere signet actives center around mech - if it is disabled they will center around the player though. I can understand that this is a huge nerf though. Since the player moves around and spirits are stationary.

Maybe you could just regard them as useless/less good - like the engineer basically has to ignore turrets. 😄 Maybe they should change this to auras or something - always around the ranger. Completely removing the spirit itself.

I think immobile minions are pretty useless. Minions stuff is already worse than a real "pet" (pet for ranger and the mech for mechanist) - though stuff like the necro and mesmer works. They have just their whole mechanic centered around them (mesmer - clones) or it being a big main thing (necro - can still be played without them though) ...

I do not know about the spirits a lot. But for engineer the turrets (also "immobile minions") - always felt pretty useless. If those at least could move ... - that could lead to less problems with the thing centered around the spirit if it moved with you.

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We all knew spirits were a bug and was not going to stay…

I do not expect them to add targeted healing to druid any time soon even if this was suggested a long time ago. Druid is doing fine in PvE so they probably do not want to break it now and they said they wanted to add targeted healing  to other professions once they feel they did make it work specter. Making the traits less broken and selfish has already been suggested for quite some time...

I said I would not play druid again in PvP unless I could play it as a healer so the last changes made me go back to it. The astral force generation is nice to have, the heal on regen is not bad. Sadly druid is still the most locked support in the game (20s, full ca, lose everything on downstate, little support outside of CA, slow skills, not much support on core skills). In the end the best way to support was still to go with a cc heavy build either with ancient seeds or moment of clarity. If at some point they manage to make druid a decent support they will have to decrease the daze on lunar impact.

Edited by aymnad.9023
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