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Bladesworn evolution (PvE)


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Someone has to say it, and some dev needs to see this @Cal Cohen.2358Bladesworn evolution since first beta have been great, has been evolving to be just funnier and more interactive, and we finally got a good build without discipline, good job devs, idk if CMC is in charge of bladesworn, if that's the case, good one CMC.

Just, would love to say the same for pvp, but the pve evolution is just great.

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28 minutes ago, Zizekent.2398 said:

100%, the spb state is depressing for pvp and pve, there are just better things for both gamemodes.

Playing spb right now in pvp and it's like pulling teeth. Can't do damage. Can't land jack you-know-what with daggers since all the mobility creep for elite specs is just stupid. Full Counter is but a shadow of its former self. It CERTAINLY does not feel like a duelist that it was made for. Insta-blind spam galore....

Chalk another one up for this Great and Quality Balance(TM). Nope, will not buy this expansion. It better drop to like ten bucks for me to even consider it. It's certainly not worth the 30$.

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