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Equipment for Reaper Setup


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Hello everyone. I am an older player returning to the game. I currently play a Reaper with full ascended Berserker gear, I also have a Vipers ascended set for Scourge. 


I play mostly fractals, but I run dungeons, do strikes and some open world content from time to time. 


I recently decided that my character build is too squishy and I wanted to try to add some toughness into my character armor to try to increase my survivability. Sometimes I run across a player that can just solo a dungeon or stay standing against a fractals boss in T3 or T4 and I find it inspiring. 


My goal is to minimize the loss of Power and Precision. I suppose I am alright with losing a bit of crit damage if it means I could survive a little bit longer. So I am trying to decide how to accomplish this goal.


I know Knights gear isn't popular but it does offer a lot of toughness and it still provides Power and Precision. If anyone has any suggestions on how I may mix Berserker gear with a stat armor that gives toughness I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Honestly you are better off using Rise! skill and use shout cd -10% trait. 

you won't see any difference until you add 600+ toughness. After that point you just stop being reaper.

At worse switch to bm spite or dm spite. Use dread on Spite line to give yourself fury. You can go signet train and  try to stay in shroud longer with signet of undeath. Whatever works best for you.


At the end you need to avoid hits instead of getting hit. Faster you kill boss less damage you will take.

or just go mechanist

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Investing in Toughness, while slightly reducing incoming damage, will mainly just lower your damage which then increases fight duration which means more hits taken, resulting in more incoming damage overall and generally poorer performance. 

Hence it's not a very popular or recommended stat in PvE, unless for Celestial Condi/Hybrid OW Builds where it comes for essentially free, coupled with sustain to make it worthwhile.


For Reaper I second @stormemperor.3745 suggestion of taking Signets of Suffering + Signet of Undeath + Fear of Death to give you more ability to sustain Shroud, which is both your main damage and survivability source in one. 

Dagger Mainhand also might find it's one single niche use in the game for extra sustain on solo Reaper (for a quick Life Siphon before and after Shroud).


Mainly though it's damage avoidance. Just circle strafing and the like can go a long way to avoid damage (sometimes as much as 90% of incoming damage can be avoided by simply circling enemy hitboxes rather than facetanking hits).


In any case though, Reaper will have a hard time in Solo T3-4 runs. You'd be much better off with Scourge or even Harbinger for such things - going the Celestial Condi sustain route.

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The Reaper sustain I and some others use is with Diviner Gear, Blighter's Boon, Spite and Death Magic. There's a thread here talking about it:

And one possible build here from Uncreative Green. I use something similar with a few minor tweaks.


In Uncreative Green's own words:

It’s a reaper build with 25 might, perma fury, quickness, swiftness, protection, and insane stability uptime. It also reaches 100% crit chance with 18 vuln stacks (very easy to do) and crazy condi cleanse. It also has great toughness for a power build and insane power stats. Fully self buffed and it’s 3750 power. All while having decent healing through blighters boon.

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Don't waste your time virtually every other class has higher dps and frankly they haven't done anything to help this build in any substantial way for over 3 years. Don't be fooled just do the research for yourself power reaper sucks badly and they just don't care!

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