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Strafe and LMB interaction idea

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Assuming we set A/D as strafe left/right, what if we could enable an option to utilize our Left Mouse Button (if we're not using freecam) to briefly swap from strafe to turn?
If people would still like to use Q and E (or something else) to turn that's fine, but we could even do it simply by holding the left click.
Example here.

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17 minutes ago, Fueki.4753 said:

I turn with A and D, but when I hold the right mouse button, A and D turn into strafing.

So it should be possible to implement that strafe keys become turning keys by holding a mouse button, as well.


Right now I turn like that as well.
I like the idea of using A and D to strafe, but I will never do that as long as I need to set 2 extra keys to get the turn function back.
If we could get it even on the RMB, it would be cool. Not sure if it would interfere with the camera control tho, that's why I tought LMB could have been a kinda safe option.

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