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Obviously you get what you pay for so sacrifices have to be made to keep this game “free” for a majority of players.   I’ve played the 2 juggernaut sub games and an optional-sub mmo. I’ve pl

Then I'm glad to not pay a sub. No interest in raiding with a hard trinity.

Pretty certain the game wouldn’t exist with a sub. So we are gaining the game. Also, you don’t list sub advantages, just generic mmo tropes. That is not tied to sub, but the original design visio

On 8/6/2022 at 8:00 AM, SoulGuardian.6203 said:

You... offcourse, was always going to get a lot of negative comments, and emojies over this kind of post.


Why people feel the need to come up with this question/suggestions every so often; I just don't know; especially when Arenanet themselves have said "Loud and Clear" they will never ever put a monthly fee on Guild Wars.

It is a free to play game and will remain so, until the end of days.


Needless to say that that sort of OP is just trying to really annoy the heck out of people.


ANet should really place a pinned post clearly saying: DO NOT start posts on monthly fees for this game.


This thread should, and most likely will be locked soon.


GW2 is not free to play.  It buy to play.  There is a difference.

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On 8/3/2022 at 1:06 PM, Labjax.2465 said:

Compared to pure sub game (e.g. sub and no cash shop) it's def worse. Basically all we gain is if you have no money and no credit card, nothing at all you could pay with, you can get a subpar experience without paying in exchange for other people paying more. Or if you have self control and free time in spades, you can get lots through gold to gems exchange while paying little. This concept was insidiously sold on the idea that it'd be rich people funding it ("whales") but it has become clear over the years that some of the people who spend most on these games can't actually afford to, they are going into savings, credit card, etc., and like a casino, they have a vulnerability to spending that is being exploited.

So... it's a pretty sick model, when you think about it.

This game doesn't sell anything that other games don't also sell. FFXIV and WoW sell a huge amount of cosmetic items. This has nothing to do with having a sub or not.

I'm also not seeing the "subpar" experience. This game is a ton of fun w/o spending a single penny in the gem store.

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On 8/5/2022 at 7:19 AM, Borked.6824 said:

It can be, but you can't say with a straight face that it isn't designed to encourage (putting it lightly) people to skip the farming and swipe.  Yes you CAN farm 500k gold for a few mounts you want from the gem store, but you WON'T.  You won't. Because you know what 500k looks like.  Months of time.  

As some have alluded to already, a sub fee gives players confidence that almost everything they want in the game can be practically acquired by in-game means, without predatory manipulation.  And point me in the direction of whatever kitten needs kicking to get that implemented here, because the fact that I have to exist around delusional people that think the store model is superior is cringe enough rather than actually experiencing it.

What mounts are available in the gem store?

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I play an MMO to play with others and have fun. I have two very active guilds, and we do stuff together every day. If there was a sub, I would not be able to play because I can't work and my partner is on a fixed income. But when EoD was coming out, we could afford me to get the deluxe version of the game because rare, expensive one-off purchases that we know are coming up can be factored in as a one-off. But we could only afford one deluxe version.


Another example - the annual requisition drop thing is coming up soon. We can, ahead of time, save up for this for my account. Again, we can only afford one of us to get the drop. Yearly requisition drops cost less than the price of a sub.


Talking about a sub also ignores the exchange rate for other countries. If we compare the median incomes in the USA and in NZ, for 2021, they're similar. But that ignores the exchange rate. Currently, the NZ dollar is worth 0.63 of the US dollar. This means that the purchasing power of a person in NZ only 63% of a person in the USA. Assuming 0.63, something that costs $15 US dollars costs almost $24 dollars in NZ. For the proportion of income expended to be the same in both countries, the person in NZ would have to earn 1.6x the amount that an equivalent person earns in the USA. The NZ median income is not 1.6x that of the USA median income.


The "arguments" for a sub model ignore the affordability of subs for people outside the USA.

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On 8/7/2022 at 8:31 AM, Southerncarl.2740 said:


As lame as it sounds even with the sub they'd still find a way to sneak a cash shop in slowly but surely just look at wow. In wow you pay for the base game....the expansion....and a sub it blows my mind that people accept a cash shop. These companies have realised they can sacrifice the integrity of the game to make mega bucks selling mounts and armour sets and while some will quit the money they make from the players who buy cash shop items will more than cover the money lost on the people who quit. Welcome to the rot of microtransactions in MMO's.


WoW has a shop, sure, and there are some things with wow I don't like. However, for the ~15 a month sub I feel you get a lot more content and items to farm. I really enjoy getting transmog sets and mounts in game, so its a lot better for me than waiting on a shop to sell a skin I want in an RNG certificate or more expensive to choose one. WoW only has a few mounts up there, and items that came with Expansions. You can also use gold to get a token to pay for your sub time too or $15 credit to the store, so a f2p option is kind of there as well if you can farm it. Overall you can get tons more by playing the game in comparison. (My Opinion)
GW2 the only way is to be very good at farming gold to convert to gems and hope you can get what you want in the shop if it is up at that time, and hopefully on sale. Then if you do want to buy something, you generally have to pay $5-$10 over to get the correct amount of gems for the item. I also loathe RNG crates which is what made me leave ESO, and also don't care for the Black Lion Chest in GW2 either. I personally think such crates should be illegal, but to each their own.


FFXIV is another game with sub to me gives you the best option. Tons of stuff to farm in game, and shop is very minimal in comparison to what you can get in game.

I just love fashion/mounts in MMOs. Gw2 although I like the game, I feel they pressure you to the shop a little too much.


Some people prefer different methods, and that's fine. I prefer sub. I gave GW2 another shot and I'll still come on occasionally, but it doesn't feel as fun for me as other sub games.


Apologies on late reply, RL happened. 

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