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DX11 crash at least once a day - Please revert to beta for the sake of your player base

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DX11 should be reverted to beta state, not a single crash since years using DX9. Every time I try DX11, game crash at random time:

Yesterday during Triple Trouble (PvE), just now (latest version released today) at the start of a PvP game (just outside the door, poor team having to 4v5😞


What worries me is that it doesn't seems like the game is actually reporting the crash and data to ArenaNet, meaning you are certainly not aware of those crashes and their occurrences.

Please revert the state to beta or whatever you want to call it, but it's not stable enough to be the default.

What's worse than a game with bad performances or imbalance between classes? A game that abruptly crash while you are accomplishing something.

In the meantime I will revert to the "deprecated' (but at least I can play) DX9. I will use DX11 once DX9 will not be an option anymore, I don't want to take the risk of losing progress while playing and I won't trust those "out of beta" announcements anymore.

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