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[Suggestion] Engineer Turrets (Again)


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A friend of mine once told me that if you want to see change in something, it's about persistence.


Turrets as they are are pretty simple to use, and I appreciate that, but the fact that they overcharge only once in their lifespan kinda stinks-- You drop them (at your feet, which is another thing), let them stick around for a while, and then blow them up. They're basically just glorified bombs, it feels, and I think that's a long way away from what they oughtta be. I would recommend changes as such:


-Supply Crate remains unchanged.

As it stands, I think Supply Crate works perfectly as it is, and doesn't need the changes following.

-Turrets Drop In, not being set down

This is more flavorful than anything, but the animation for setting down a turret doesn't really feel awesome. I'm not saying it needs an extra blast finisher, but I think this would make it more fun.

-Turrets can be manually overcharged

Turrets can still be detonated while they're overcharged-- But when they're not, the correlated button should rather be to activate their overcharge again (cooldown withstanding). I feel like this will give it a little more depth, without complicating things.

-Turrets inherit your stats

As it stands, an Engineer's turrets do not inherit your stats directly. They do via certain loopholes like you being the source of burning for the flame turret, and things like that. Honestly, while I don't mind this as much, they don't benefit from your strike damage related stats, and I think that's a bit of a shame. Consider allowing them to inherit (even as low as 10%) of the player's power, precision, ferocity, etc.

-Experimental Turrets

A slight change to this trait seems in order, I think, should the above be considered. I propose that it pulses its boons, and also reinstates its reflective barrier both upon overcharge-- This would be a good way to manage some of its more unreliable boon duration issues while also keeping them from providing too much on the whole.


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