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PTV is recruiting!


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Pain Train Vanguard is an Stormbluff Isles guild currently linked with Fort Aspenwood. We are recruiting for WvW and Alliances, but also have some PVE going on in between WvW raids. We have a welcoming and tightly knit community of sweaty casuals. There are no strict requirements or obligations, all we ask is that you come with a good attitude and a desire to learn. Being funny, and having a character named Creg also helps.

Being a hardcore synther and having combat tonics is also a requirement /s

Please message me at SoraLink.5749 in game if you wish to join. We can help with any transfers, but are if you are currently linked with us and only want to run with us during the link that is fine as well! Thank you all, enjoy my kitten gameplay in the video.

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