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Mystic Clover Rate in the Mystic Forge

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Something has been wrong for at least a couple of weeks.  You are supposed to get a clover 30% on average.  Over the past few weeks I've dumped over 1000 mystic coins into the forge and I've gotten exactly 153 clovers.  This is quite literally HALF the amount I should have received.  I used the recipe where you craft one at a time.

Even accounting for RNG, I should not have a rate this low unless its bugged.  You'd expect some variance with RNG but not to this degree.  Something is definitely "off".

I say that as someone who has crafted like 40+ legendaries.  I'm more than familiar with clovers and the mystic forge to know when something is wrong.

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You can definitely end up with such a huge variance due to RNG.

When I did the Clover lottery a few years back, I once had an outcome of about 60% of Mystic Clovers.

You simply had bad luck and there is no bad luck protection in the lottery.

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