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UK Player on NA Server (Anvil Rock) Looking For Guild

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Hello All,  I'm a fairly new player (of a few weeks) and I'm looking for an active guild on the Anvil Rock Server who don't mind assisting new players in learning the game.  That said, I do have two level 80 characters (both from boosts after buying all the expansions).  I've been doing okay with my Mechanist trying to do the Living World Chapters to unlock the Skyscale Mount (but I'm only really at the start of this) but am struggling with my Level 80 Mesmer (I think I'm going Virtuoso with her) trying to get Hero Points to do her Virtuoso build.  I should state that I'm not into any kind of PvP at all (as I don't believe in it) so I'm only a PvE player.  I have at least one of each class (almost) at varying levels and on most of them I will be playing through all the PvE stories in sequence.  If you are wondering why a UK player joined an NA Server, its because I'm in a Discord Group with some Streamers and a few of them play GW2.  As a couple of their number live in North America they started on that server and the very few Euro players (including me) joined them, however they do not play GW2 much it seems.  So I know that with time differences things can be a little difficult but I'm happy to work with that if you are.  If anyone thinks that I might fit in with their family, please drop me a line.  Kind Regards,  Astral Storm.

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Gw2 nowadays uses "megaservers" . You can play with every player independent on what server they are registered. everyone is running on the same "megaserver".

your server, only matters for World vs World combat, a activity that you dont want to take part in as it is largescale pvp.

You can search a guild from any server.



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