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Quick firebrand or quick harbinger


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qFB provides vastly more Utility with baked in Protection, Resolution, Stability, Projectile Negation, multiple pulsing AoE Cleanse in rota (Cleansing Fire and Purging Flames), Mass Cleanse, AoE incoming heal modifier, as well as optionally more Stab, CC, Cleanse or Projectile Negation depending on content needs - along it's Quickness, Fury and minor Might output. It also has far superior cleave (and more skip access should you ever venture into Fractals).


qHarbinger pretty much just provides Quickness, Fury and minor Might. Only upside is the usually redundant Vuln (as well as in-rota Corrupt which you generally won't be able to time on need). 


What's fun to you is entirely subjective. 

Ease of use I'd rate them fairly similarly, except FB scaling a lot with game knowledge/skill in terms of what Utility to bring and when to use them, while Harbinger is pretty much entirely one dimensional/on CD.

So FB is a lot more complicated with Tomes, a variety of viable Utility skills depending on need and when to use all the Utility etc., but I'd say that extra difficulty is balanced out by just how much better it is overall - since even if you don't play FB properly by utilizing all it's Utility fully, it's still at worst even with or still better than Harb. 

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2 hours ago, Kuronca.4138 said:

Thank you all for the replies, I feel lazy those days

How does the harbinger provide quick? automatically in shroud?

fb looks more complicated, like timing, but in the other hand I do have legendary plate armor that its easy to swap 

Harbinger provides quickness when casting stuff in shroud and when using 2 elixirs. It is easier than FB, but FB is not remotely complicated. Harbinger does more damage and is more ranged. Provides boon removal and significantly more CC. FB provides protection, stability, projectile reflection and a bit of aegis. Both provide might and fury. I think it comes down to stability, projectile reflection and a bit of aegis vs boon removal, range and CC. 

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