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New player perspective: engineer


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Just stopping by to say that my partner and I have been playing engineer recently and love the theme/class as a whole! We came from WoW and have always wanted to play engineer themed classes (here’s to hoping blizzard adds tinkerer!). 


I’m absolutely enjoying the scrapper elite specialization. The gyros are so cool and it’s so fun running around meta events with the scrapper gyro just smacking stuff :D The hammer is awesome too. Seeing my little asuran practically fall over every time he turns because the hammer is too heavy is such a dopamine rush and a nice, flavourful touch of realism. 

My partner loves all things engineer. He’s an engineer himself and it’s like having a new toy to play with every time he finds a new build to work with lol.


Anyways, just wanted to shed some positive lights on the engineer forums since there’s not much here. Cheers to all of you wonderful engineers and tinkerers. <3

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Well its nice that you are having fun with the class, but i think forums rn are a bad place for a new players especially seeing the first reply of this thread. Most of the negativity comes from people who are doing end game content but if you are new nothing will affect you what are people complaining about rn, plus soon will be more balance patches and things probably will be different again. So for any new players seeing this balance drama i would suggest to ignore it and keep enjoying the game.

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I'm so glad to hear about somebody enjoying it because I didn't like the hammer. It just felt too slow since I play alone. I wonder if I would enjoy it now because I'm playing a Mechanist right now. And while the mech is still usable after being nerfed, it still seems too high-reward, low-effort for my taste. Not to mention, a super strong pet is what the ranger should've gotten since that's supposed to be their thing.

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I personally like it a lot - since release. (Did play from 2012  until end 2013. Then came back June 2019.) I also picked it as my first main ... without knewing that it would be the most unique class/profession compared to GW1. (Most other ones are a variant of a professoin from Guild Wars 1.)

I wanted to go for the turrets first - they are pretty weak though. Nowadays I play different styles. Always loved the rifle - though back then at the release ... pistol and conditions were preferred. Happy that the rifle recently got buffed. The profession is pretty versatile. Have not tried many of the other professions that much in depth (only casually) ... and I do not know how it is for them.

But I loved to make different builds for special occasions (mostly older story achievemetns - when soloing all of that stuff and some harder ones needed optimized build).

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