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Whatever you did... was good for performance (August 2nd Patch - not DX11 default related).

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Edit: DX11 was already on before the patch and this was still when I had to sacrifice settings and performance wasn't very good. I remember going back to DX9 and trying it because of the DX11 bloom bug on bright or stone surfaces but DX9 was unusable because of even worse performance so I kept using DX11. This patch appears to have done something else for me. I'd love to find out how.


So I was away from GW2 for like 6-8 weeks. I came back and fired up the game. I went to a world boss and thought to myself... what the hell is going on? Why is it so smooth all of a sudden? So I cranked the settings up, settings I had to turn down since EoD released and I did the Dragon's Stand meta. Smooth as. Mostly all high settings, capped at 60 (no V-Sync), shadows low, reflections medium, DX11. These are the settings I used to always run but had to give up over time because of the sheer volume of mob spam, atmospherics and skill effects. I'd say minimum FPS in DS meta was 30, averaging in the 40s. How is that possible? WHAT DID YOU DOOOO?! I hope Anet didn't do this by mistake and actually understands what they changed lol.

Whatever that patch did in August (- Made some minor performance improvements in the renderer.), it has made a massive difference - at least in HoT, PoF and IBS maps - I am yet to try DE Meta which is the real test but since FoTFW is on there's less people doing it. My FPS was always reasonable, but with lots of players, each new update, each new map, each new array of special effects, etc I found myself having to sacrifice more and more settings these last couple of years. It's nice to be able to crank the settings back up and have my minimum and average FPS higher.

Don't undo what you did lolll.

Did anybody else get some delicious performance gains, or was I just one of the very lucky ones?

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Clarification: DX11 was always on prior to performance boost from patches.
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51 minutes ago, Sunchaser.9854 said:

I think they made dx11 default over dx9 which was drastically higher fps for most modern hardware. I think I was already on dx11 so I don't think I remember seeing much change with dx11 already on. But I remember dx11 being like twice the frame rate of dx9. 

I've used DX11 since it came out. I haven't changed that setting.

I've just done DE Meta. Mobs everywhere, name tags everywhere (intentionally set to show all), skills everywhere, you know how it is. Minimum FPS: significantly higher than it used to be and that's with settings turned up from before. During the three rings of crystals phase and during the wave that shortly follows to shatter them, minimum FPS 25 for the wave - most of that cluster of fighting it was between 27-34. Usually I'd be at around 19 fps during the wave (on lower settings) and low to mid 20s during various stages of the fight, with the latter part usually being in the low 20s.

I asked others if they too had performance increases. Hardly anyone said anything on that map (which is why the meta failed), but one person did say they experienced a big performance improvement as well - although I can't tell if they were just experiencing that because of the a swap from DX9 to DX11 or if it was a performance increase like the one I got.

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  • Holgarf.6581 changed the title to Whatever you did... was good for performance (August 2nd Patch - not DX11 default related).

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