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End of Dragons Mastery Experience

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I tried searching for this but 10 years on and I still haven't really figured out the search functionality of the forums. I usually run with food (Birthday Cake), experience booster (Birthday consumable), rested (Arborstone) and try to hit whatever events I come across but there just seems to be such large tracts of nothingness with miniscule experience in EoD

Core is insanely easy (Fractals), HoT through Season 4 were all decent decent (high congestion metas), Icebrood saga was ho-hum until Drizzlewood Coast and then became a cinch, but I find EoD just to be so difficult to farm Experience.

Does anyone have any recommendations for gaining Experience in EoD? Like what zones are the best for it? If strikes are a decent source? Or just keeping an eye on the Event Timer on the wiki and trying to hit them in succession?

(Maybe I'm crazy-finished EoD story and got Fishing 2/5 Skiff 3/4 JadeBot 3/5 Arborstone 2/5 Turtle 0/5 just from the Storyline mastery experience, oddball events, and a single run of Dragon's End so I know it's there)

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As @Inculpatus cedo.9234explained there are ongoing events (orange coloured and some with red markers) that you can join in on on EoD maps that give you XP for mastery, just make sure to see when your yellow bar/line at bottom of screen is getting full so you can change which Mastery your XP gain will go into. Also wait at marked areas to get credit for participation while doing some of these red marked events.

You don't need to focus on a particular timer for getting your Mastery XP in EoD.

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Well ... Icebrood was the hardest I think. But there you also had some of the masteries locked behind those crystal itemy you had to buy (= farming defense seals first). 😄

With the level you are now at - you still seem to have a lot left ot master. Try to do some events while grinding out the other mastery points for EoD. (+ also try to do minor map achievements you still have left to do and do all the dailies for the mastery exp from them) And just progress slowly.  Arborstone first is recommended! This is important. Maximize this. You can buy - even without playing fractals - 4 weekly Summoning stones from the vendor at Arborstone that only unlocks if you have maxed the mastery. They currently sell for 6-7g one. Which can be a lot of money depending on how much you usually farm. (Personally I am not a farmer so this is a lot ofr me.) Or it will save you money for later when you might want to use them for yourself.

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