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Is there a blacklist anywhere for trolls & match manipulators?

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Is there a blacklist anywhere for trolls and match manipulators?  I know that it tends to be the same bad actors.  I just had someone ig who the enemy team had the misfortune to be paired up with, and got "salty" and afked our game early, and did the same thing to someone on enemy team in a previous game (so very likely they're honestly just trolling and throwing me thinks) .  It'd be nice to be able to at least filter out and block some people pre-emptively. 


I'd like to block and also be able to ID the bad actors (coz I'm pretty sure it's the same people), so less wasted time on games where someone says stuff and quits in the beginning for throwing, or I'll know from the outset someone's going to ragequit in the first few mins from a contrived reason.  They're not banned from PvP, so is there anywhere one can go? What do you all do?

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Personally I like to get into their games and ruin both the match and their livestreams with Tanky CC spam builds, but you will lose a lot of rating this way if you play Ranked. Safe in Unranked though. 👍


The blocking strat works kinda because you can see where blocked people are in game. It functions pretty much exactly the same as a friend's list. On its own though, it won't stop you from being matched with them. 


1 hour ago, Kayberz.5346 said:

Yeah, just check the top 50 leaderboards🤪



This will work too, but I personally recommend starting at about top 15 instead of top 50.

Top 50 is like gold 3/low plat now and those people are not cheating.


Look for ratings and winrates that are abnormally higher than others. The leaderboards are always very close until you get to the top where suddenly there's a 25-100 rating difference usually separating those who cheat and those who don't.

Not all these people are going to be cheating either, some of them are just carried by DuoQ; which, in Solo/Duo may as well be cheating anyway, so I highly recommend avoiding top player DuoQs as well.

Just don't log in for Ranked at 4 in the morning, and you should be protected from those without skill or gumption.

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There won't and I doubt ANET is gonna allow this to happen


Also there isn't much of a population sadly if they were to implement that you won't get a que in the first place


The best solution is to make the "main game mode" 2v2 instead of conquest because conquest is garbage and people are still failing at simple rotations in 2022. But with 2v2? You have a better chance to have BETTER MATCHES. Less likely to have bots and less likely to have win traders as well assuming that's even happening today (because god forbid ANET does anything right when they have not)


With 2v2 as the main game mode, you will have less toxicity and more likely to have a fun game. GW2 2v2 arena modes put more to the table than battlerite tbh and is probably going to be better than BDO or new world's arenas.


Mechanically killing people is already complex, why make conquest the main game mode when people refuse to understand how match ups and 1v1s importance in conquest. Really stupid.

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