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revert corrupters ferver nerf for core


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They should have just added like a 1s ICD to the carapace generation portion of it, or a limit to how many carapace stacks it can generate within a period of time. The main problem with Harbinger's synergy with Death Magic IMO is the ease and speed at which it can generate carapace stacks, primarily from this trait and Harbinger's ability to rapidly apply conditions.

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dunno why they just didnt nerf the harb auto and not corrupters ferver, kitten wasnt an issue before eod, or better yet path of corruption on scourge rupts 1 boon why not just nerf it for harb? and no i legit am a degen rp lord i will never not play necro, i gotta rupt boons


also they should buff corrupt boon, kitten is bad, it would honestly counter harb and degen boon spam builds, i dunno why taking 2 non interactive (spieful spirit, lesser enfeeble) talents that like one of them is actually cool and the other is kinda degen, take a guess, with scepter and staff will net you more boon rupts than taking corrupt boon would by itself which is the only thing it does mind you so it should rupt more boons than those 3 things, take into account that most of these skills are aoe and one is single target, and the funny thing is when you take corrupters ferver and corrupt boon, you are legit griefing yourself because the one utility with the word "corrupt" in it legit doesnt have enough condi output to warrant taking with the talent corrupters ferver, they should name it "griefing myself ferver" or "my wifes boyfriend is using soul reaping right now so i gotta use death magic instead"

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