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(Guild Hall) Dying with Slippery Slope buff from Fractal Console decoration removes Guild Hall Swiftness upgrade buff.

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I know this isn't game breaking, but it is still a bug and I thought I should report it.


So I was making something in the guild hall that takes advantage of the Slippery Slope function from the Fractal Console decoration. And while I was testing it I fell off from pretty high up and forgetting that I still had the decorating skill bar up I couldn't mount mid-air and not just gliding instead (I know, silly me) I went splat. After waypointing I noticed that I was running slower than I should. I still had the Slippery Slope effect on, which is expected, however the Guild Hall Swiftness +33% buff had disappeared. I tested this in another guild hall that has the Fractal Console decoration and Guild Hall Swiftness buff, and again the buff disappeared after waypointing after being defeated. Waypointing without dying and with the Slippery Slope buff kept the Guild Hall Swiftness buff on my bar.


Anyways, that's all I have to report on this. It's nothing major, but a bug is a bug.

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