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Low vision player, which class would be best?


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I have pretty severe tunnel vision (like looking through a paper towel roll) so I can’t see much of the screen at a time. This means that the fewer places on screen and less stuff I have to keep track of the better. Despite my visual limitations, I do enjoy all different content in MMOs. My experience has been limited though since my vision has gone bad. When I could see more I loved PVP and WvW type content so builds that allow me to get into there and not be completely destroyed are ideal. I have also steered clear of most group content because being the noob stuck running into the wall because he lost track of where he was is not much fun until I memorize routes. But I’d eventually like to take part in that as well. What would you all recommend? 

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I’m guessing your tunnel vision means you can focus on your character but maybe not see the party frames or mobs to the left or right if the screen at the same time.  

If that is the case, I’d potentially recommend looking at professions that bring mobs to you. Things like Mesmer Focus 4 ‘Into the Void’ (600 unit AoE pull, 25 second CD) and Necromancer Utility ‘Spectral Grasp’ (1200 unit AoE pull, 35 second CD).

Skills like these should help bring mobs that may be in your ‘blind spot’ towards you and into your field of vision.   I’d personally suggest Necro Reaper as an eSpec to explore, or Mesmer Chrono as an alternative. They both give you a couple of different pull skills to work with.   And the Reaper Low Intensity build may be a good starting place to build from. 

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I assume melee builds without crazy mobility would be best for you?

Necromancer is naturally tanky and durable. You might enjoy reaper with a high vitality build. Its melee, plays very straight forward and is very self reliable, so even when you lose your group, you can still do and take a lot of damage.

Mechanist (Engineer) would be a good choice for a ranged build. It brings a lot to the table, offers multiple play styles and is almost always effective without a lot of input.

A lot of other classes also have builds that are decent, reliable and don't require great physical ability. If you could narrow down what you are looking for in class, we could probably suggest more.

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Thanks everyone! Yes, I can only see a very small part of the screen at one time. I can scan around but if I have to try to look at what I’m fighting and pay attention to cooldowns somewhere else or any other info around the screen it’s much harder for me. I can’t even see all of my character at once to give an idea how little vision I have. 

So basically looking for a character that would be decent in as much different content as possible with as little to visually pay attention to as possible. I don’t mind hitting a bunch of buttons so long as when I hit them isn’t based on a visual cue (Like waiting for them to light up at the bottom of the screen). I’ve basically been running around as a pistol pistol thief hitting 3 over and over but it seems like there is probably something much better out there I can do. 

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