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Do others see your mail carrier?

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I recall seeing someone's mail carrier years ago. Strangely still vivid in my mind, someone was either sending/receiving mail, or putting things on the AH. They had a Quaggan floating on a balloon. I was waiting for Teq to start.

I have assumed since then that people see my mail carrier, such that if I'm putting a bunch of things on the AH, they'd see my owl coming and going some 40+ time while I'm sitting around waiting for FE to spawn and putting the daily spoils from my instance up for sale. Honestly, only important in that when I'm putting stuff up on the AH and that window is up, I'm not really paying attention to chat, but assumed if someone saw lots of owls coming and going, they'd see I was busy on the AH and maybe not expect me to respond right away (local chat only, obviously).

But then it occurred to me recently I haven't see anyone else's mail carrier, in quite a long time.🤔

I looked on the wiki and didn't see any information about it. I wonder if they fell by the wayside around the time hiding minis was introduced years ago, and I just never noticed? Did they shut them off completely? Do you only see others' mail carriers when they are sending and receiving actual mail and not AH activity? It occurred to me that maybe I never understood the visibility rules (for others) with respect to mail carriers, but knowing I saw someone else's 'once upon a time'.

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I'd say it's less of hiding mail carriers, and probably that they just use a lot less obvious ones.

For example, my necro getting mail by having a ghost walk up to her is pretty obvious (assuming in open), but one of the bird carriers may be missed.

Some carriers are REALLY obvious in effects, others just have a bird fly up and away super quickly.

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8 minutes ago, notebene.3190 said:

I'll go look around more, thanks. Not sure why I become more aware of my own when using the trade post, and then surprised I didn't see more people with birds and quaggans flying/floating about.

I don't think you see every mail carrier usage, just some are made visible to you.  However, a lot of them are birds, and you may not notice them zip in and out as they can look like part of the scenery.  If you stand somewhere between a bank and TP NPCs you will probably see them more often.

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