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Can something be done about the afk Revenants please


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Maybe its the time I play, or the rank I'm playing at... but pretty frequently games are 4v5 because there are a few players that are deliberately afking in spawn - They run herald wit corruption traits to apply perma regen/torment on themselves. I'm guessing this defeats the normal afk detection since it puts them in combat or something, but perhaps its just so they have a chance of getting a healing top stat. Anyway, they get reported every game, but that doesn't seem to do anything. The player base is small enough that chances are they reappear in the next couple of games.


I don't _think_ they are botting - sometimes they respond to stuff in chat, or move to go afk on the close node... but they can't really be said to be active participants in the game, even if they aren't technically afk. Can ya start handing out some temp bans or something or at least make it clear that if they continue that they will be shown the door? Thanks.

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There have been many posts asking Arenanet to do something against match manipulation over the years, but I don't think there has ever been an official reaction to the complains.

Also, that "one guy in the back" comment about sPvP during the announcement of the Icebrood Saga should give your more than enough inside how "much" they value sPvP and how willing they are to spend resources in solving issues.

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