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Hardware recommendations for my new setup

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Hi there,

I'm about to get myself a new PC but I'm not really a tech guy. I plan to go for something in the medium price range, not the cheapest setup but also not going to sink 4k$ into it. What I want my new PC to do is 1) play GW2 more or less smoothly with high graphics; 2) play some "older" games like f.e. a beautiful looking Skyrim and 3) paly some newer games like Cyberpunk with mid to high graphics.

Now what components should I look out for? As I said I'm not a tech guy, so giving me half a page of numbers to prove your point won't help me much. Just tell me what's like the minimum stuff required in terms of GPU, CPU, Memory and so on.

Thanks a lot in advance. Have a nice day.

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If it helps, I just set up my new PC yesterday and I've been running the game at all max settings except character model limit and quality set to low and so far I've not been able to detect any lag.  I did ley anomaly and AB meta but haven't tried any big battles in WvW yet.

Specs are:

Ryzen 5 5600X cpu

RX 6600XT gpu

16 GB (8GB x2) 3200Mhz RAM

Running the game on a solid-state drive as well and load times have been just a few seconds everywhere I go.

No overclocking or anything.  All stock.

Hope it helps!

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Built This for about $1145USD


Bought these 4 in 2020 plus a case For  $700 USD


Ryzen 7 3700X

32Gb (16GB x2) DDR4 3200 RAM

Win 10


Got these two Spring of this year for $445 USD

MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 3050



Got Graphics Set on max except  character limit/ quality

Runs smooth in world boss fights and  in WvW never think to check the FPS kinda busy doing other things 🙃


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Well, what does "medium" mean lol. Cutting that $4k in roughly half, for example at $2.2k I slapped together the following junk on Newegg:

Intel i5 12400f with a Noctua DH15

ASUS ROG Strix Z690-F with 32gb G.Skill Trident DDR5 6000 and 1tb Samsung 980 Pro


Fractal Torrent case with a 1000W EVGA supernova PSU

I think that would be considered a fairly high end machine.

This said, new Ryzen CPUs might just be a month away from release (rumoured 15th) and new graphics card maybe 2-3 months (and prolly Intels 13th gen too). Its always a bad time to upgrade, lol.

Edit: and for the obviously confused person reacting, "not the cheapest but not as high as 4K and play Skyrim or Cyberpunk 2077 at high with minimum stuff" is a pretty wide range of rather conflicting demands.

I wouldnt build a $1000 machine for that. Maybe $1500. Prolly $2000.

Can prolly shave $500 off what I mentioned above and still have something close. Go for it - post a reply with what you can say instead.

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CPU: super important for GW2 - just get the latest 6 core / 12 thread CPU, which means Ryzen 5600X or Intel 12400F

GPU: depends on your monitor resolution, in general the RX 6600 is okay for now, because both AMD and Nvidia will release a new generation this year and I would save the money now and invest my money in the new generation later as for everything that is not GW2 the GPU will be the most important part of your PC

RAM: 16 GiB is more than enough for GW2, but you should get at least DDR4 3200 CL16 (if you pair the Intel with DDR5 6400 CL32, it will run 20% faster in CPU bound scenarios compared to DDR4 3200 CL16, but this RAM is also 50% more expensive)

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