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[GuildWars] Allow add Heroes to the party in PVP modes


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Dear Arenanet Team,


I would like to give a suggestion about the current PVP status in GW1.
The pvp modes are mostly empty because there are not enough players to create parties and the few are playing just play vs suicide bots or Henchmen clones.
I would like to suggest, in PVP modes, unlock the function to allow people add Heroes to the party or customizable Henchmen. That will give a fresh air to the PVP modes and more people will join to try their ideas and builds. That will make the modes more funny, less repetitive, more interesting, and also people can make use of unlocked heroes for PVP and that could increase the online shop purchases to unlock PVP content.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

Best Regards.

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32 minutes ago, kharmin.7683 said:

Wouldn't heroes defeat the purpose and meaning of Player versus Player ?


GW1 has some mostly dead PvP modes where no Player versus Player takes place because it's too hard to get a team. In these cases, getting in with heroes may be an alternative.

And a full human team will be able to easily win from a player+heroes team because it is much harder to micromanage heroes than play with a all-human team.


Drawback may be increased bot farming, but this already happens in the Jade Quarry where most players are bots nowadays. Which is not even a very bad thing because it is the only way to get 2x 8 player teams to start the mission.

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Thank you for your support! That is what I'm saying, a measure to rescue the PVP modes to be played atleast alone or with a group of few people by adding the Heroes (already implemented in the GW1, but are turned OFF) the only available option are Henchmen that are not customizable so it lose all the interest of the core of the game, play with all the skill combinations you can imagine.

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The only way to recuperate PvP modes is through organized community events. There once was a mode in which a player took in three heroes and battled another player controlling the same, but it was removed along with Team Battles in favor of adding the Codex Arena. As a reminder, Heroes Ascent has henchmen available meant to fill out teams that are most commonly used as bot fodder so that people can progress through and gain Fame points. It's already happening, and the change of adding heroes to competitive missions wouldn't change much other than compromising most of the other modes.

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Yes please, I would love to go back and play some gw1 pvp. We could also use some bots or something like that in gw2 pvp since it takes about 10 minutes to find a match, and almost every match is a one sided blowout match these days. With matches being that bad I can understand why new players wouldn't want to stick around very long which makes things worse because of less people playing.

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