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Thinking of returning after a very long break

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Just as the title says, it has been a very long time since I last played. Heart of Thorns just dropped the last time I logged in, and it must have been a year or so before that that I last played the game consistently. Where do I pick up again? Do I start on one of my 80s? Do I start fresh? How is the games WvWvW doing? What is end game progression like?  How have the expansions been? Thank you in advance for any support and feedback.

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I returned after a long break for the current expansion. First thing i found was that i had no idea how to play my characters and classes anymore - the best thing i found was to pick one and to use that in the story, to get used to the feel of things again. Once you get the hang of one of the characters you have, you will find others to make more sense.


The only real change in wvw is that we can get mounts now called warclaws- they are slower than other mounts, but built for evasion and getting past enemies. You have a lot of content waiting for you and much to explore. Only bad bit is having to pay up a lot of gems to unlock the living story, which is going to be necessary for many reasons, including getting flying type mounts.

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Whatever you do, don't delete any existing characters. Birthday presents are character-based, and the gifts are soulbound until you open them.

Well, needless to say, a ton has changed since you were here last. You already own the game, so get it installed and jump in again. You can take a level 80 to lower areas and through the personal story, if they haven't already done it, so you might poke around on an existing character while you decide if you want to start a fresh character.

WvW has changed a lot, some will say it's dead, but some will say GW2 is dead. Again, hop in and try it out.

For end game, you can do whatever you want. There are multiple choices for instanced content, if that's what you like: dungeons, fractals, raids, DRMs, strikes. Metas, world bosses, whatever.

[edit] We're at the start of the anniversary sales, so if you are interested in stuff from the gem store, check it or the pinned gem store thread in the General forum. Bank slots, characters slots, etc.

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