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A Spellbreaker Roamer PoV [WvW Roaming Video]


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I spent a weekend day roaming for 11 hours and recording it. I had a lot of stuff i wanted to include, but in total it'd be over a hour or 2 long video, so it's been condensed to 20 minutes. This is my own PoV of what its like roaming/roaming content on Spb. Not so much a montage to show off or anything. Just content for my fellow warrior players, or whoever enjoys it. 



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6 hours ago, CalmTheStorm.2364 said:

Nice moves there, my friend! Thanks for sharing.


Neat build, btw. Don't often see Str/Def/SpB.


Good work! 

Thanks! It's been something I've been experimenting with for a few weeks now. I still like to run Str/Disc though because it keeps me close to A game. 

3 hours ago, eXruina.4956 said:

thank you for sharing, awesome video man. 🙂👍

Thank you! 😊

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