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I haven't been on the forum very long, yet I've read enough to know that the general consensus is..... ArenaNet doesn't give a crap about the prevalent issues in pvp. Okay, wait.....it doesn't give a crap about pvp, in general. There are many, many different reasons why people go afk, some for very legit reasons, (house caught on fire, attacked by wild boars, bladder exploded, ect....), and there are the serial afkers, some infamous, you know the ones.....where you see them on your team, and you just know you are going to lose.  You know, the ones you reported a gazillion times, yet, miraculously, here they are again, and again....tauntingly saying, "Ha! Ha! The game doesn't give a crap! Here's my butt again!!"  Whyyyyy, ArenaNet, whyyyyyyy?  How many times do these people have to be reported before you do anything about it?

What really, really, really, (can I say really a million times?), frustrates me......every single time there is either a festival, or major update....the game boots me, (and many others, from the super unofficial poll I did, via map chat), over and over, at least for the first week. The first day, three times in a minute!! And three more times, before I signed out.  Here is the frustrating part....get more dishonor for the game booting you then these serial afkers!!!  Not a dent on them. 

I had one serial afker say to me that he wasn't wasting anyone's time, because half the time he wins, and the other half he loses........I wasted, oops, spent real money for all the experience boosters I used in pvp, and I think ArenaNet should give me a REFUND of the experience boosters, for all the matches I lost due to a serial afker that I, and undoubtedly numerous others, have reported, over, and over again!!  Now, ArenaNet may not care about pvp, but I'm sure it cares about money.

Please, ban the serial afkers......as Nike says.......JUST DO IT!!

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had the same serial afk guy on my team twice in row, when u know the game is lost before it even starts and theres not even a  remake or surrender option, very sad, reported the guy both times and even blocked, same issue, he literally said as soon as he entered lobby "im not playing with ******* player" and just sat down

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