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Gratz on GW2's Upcoming Tenth Anniversary

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Sometime next month my initial character will receive her 10th birthday rewards. I just finished End of Dragons. I am moved and sad at what feels like the end.


So I am writing to express my thanks to all the Guild Wars 2 team members who had a hand in it since its infancy in 2006. Guild Wars 2 is the greatest exploration game ever created in my considerable opinion. I have had so much joy in discovering the secret paths, the Easter eggs and all the incredible creative details that exist on every map.


One of the coolest things is the continuity of story from GW1 to GW2. It's been fun to realize I was there in another guise when the vizier flooded Orr, when the seed of the Pale Tree was planted, when Koss and I fought side by side and so much more. I particularly want to applaud you all for Cantha, which brought back memories all over the place. New Kaineng City is a masterwork and I am only at 30%.


I expect years more fun with just thee content already there. This holiday season I will finally complete the stupid Clocktower and Wintersday jumping puzzles, because my children, like my GW2 characters are now ten years older and have uber micro I can only dream of. They enjoy helping mommy "parkour" and win gold for me in the griffin trials. I hope one day they will be also truly appreciate the artistry, story, detail and exploration aspects.


Well that's all for now. Thanks again. Please never take it down.

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