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Spoilers, too many in-game spoilers for new players.


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If it makes you feel any better, you aren't missing much. For example, with one of the things you mentioned:


I experienced the Eir's death moment without it being spoiled for me in any way and it just felt gratuitous. Like "we want someone to die for shock value so pick one."

I think it's a valid complaint though. This game is pretty bad about hiding story information and the players aren't any better at it themselves. As an example from my own experience:


I came back to the game after years away, was going through the latest story content piece by piece. Was somewhere around IBS maybe, but def not to the end yet. After an AB run, someone says going to Dragonstorm next. I had no idea what that meant, so I go along with them to Eye of the North and experience the end of IBS lol (ok, not the full end, as public version leaves some stuff out, but still). I don't blame the player, I may have done that to some people since then myself without realizing it. But point is, I haven't seen much of any culture of keeping spoilers secret and the design doesn't exactly encourage it.


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Honestly yeah. Big reveals like a twist villain like "OMG, MR good guy was secretly EVIL ALL ALONG!" like Han or the plush bear in toy story kinda seem like big reveals, since they change how you might view the story. But most of Gw2's lore, i just didn't really find myself getting too caught up in.

It was sold without order and with dlc so even the characters who had teased deaths, i could feel even that i was supposed to get a different reaction than say.


"Sheesh.. Finally. The clingy character i never met or bonded to since it was DLC just died.. Wait.. They came back to life. Wait.. I just died in a uncontrolable cut scene, Great. Wait.. Now im coming back to life.. Oh great. This dude is a real piece of work.. I hope they get put out.

Wait.. They were a good guy JUST the chapter before? Great i don't get to experience that part until the dlc goes on sale, but the story is just middling.. not sure if i want to spend 50-75$ on okay story vs 15-45$ on expacs.. " 


I feel like if there was a big reveal, like a better handling of the scenes, a emotional punch, maybe some sad solemn music. One of the most small but basic things in cinema is just having some music can completely change how characters and scenes are felt, from sad to meh. But Gw2 glosses over, or reverses death a lot of the time.  There are some scenes of fictional characters suffering loss, such as Ace's Death from one piece where you see the emotional pain it has on a struggling and comatose Luffy, the crying Garp as he lets himself be beaten up and shamed by the woman who raised his grandchildren as she screams at him. "HOW could you have done THIS!?!? YOU LET ACE DIE.. you chose your own DUTY over your FAMILY and now HE IS DEAD! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS GARP!?!? WAS your duty really more important than YOUR FAMILY!?!?" 


Meanwhile. In gw2. When someone dies, they come back to life within a couple chapters, or you immediately celebrate over the death with a dance party and a marriage. There's just not many emotional punches, and experiencing it out of order while being expected to pay 45$ for expacs, 50$ for dlc, 5$ a character appearance change, 3$ for a hair change, 8$-10$ a character slot past 5/9, It just all adds up so where while the game is 15$-45$, paying for a middling story is 50$ incentivizing the character to entirely meet past points they even mediocrely met someone. Leaving them with no emotional payoffs or not even knowing the character.


Unlike characters like, Ace who was the main character's own brother, who has emotional punches, people who love him. And other emotional Punches like Zack's Death from ff7 crisis Core as Cloud screams, holding him in his arms are all powerful moments. But in gw2. The moment a character dies, the punches are flat or just there, or immediately danced over like some certain characters. 


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