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Two new players looking for guild to hang around :) EU/Far Shiverpeaks.


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Me and my wife has taken up a new hobby, GW2! I am absolutely clueless for now with this game or am i even playing "good class" i just wanna level something, she is bit more progressed with her toons, for the time being we have no clue how end game works and are just chilling and leveling in peace.  If there perhaps is a guild around for two persons to ask stupid questions how stuff works when need arises and just overall social with? :) She's online a lot and quite active, i am other hand quite busy with work and RL ,so i might be offline even few days at a times. We currently have no real end game plans, just play the game and see what's what while leveling.  We tried this game several years ago and created guild for just of us, it gets a bit boring not to have anyone to talk to, then we did not get into the game, but now it feels refreshing change.  Poke me if you feel like you got home for two noobs! 

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