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a walk through of guildwars 2 history ( a potential community festival like event for 10th aniv.)


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now idk what they have planned for 10th anniversary but i had an idea that wouldn't necessarily be an in game event (it would be nice if ANET helped with a few things) but more community made and focused.

forewarning i only just now thought about it so it's not 100% thought out yet

but what i'm thinking is there's tons of content creators/streamers and huge guilds out there who could easily create events like guild hall races, unused meta trains, raid trains, world bosses, hell even get some dungeons circulating XD. and while guilds primarily handle the in game side of the event (content creators/streamers can help as well). the streamer/content creator side could host history of GW2 walkthroughs for example, where they just walk around the different maps recalling you know their first times there or in the game period. maybe drop some tidbits and facts if it's more informational content creators. it wouldn't be anything extravagant or mind blowing but just something nice and community focused. i mean a game doesn't live for 10 years without it's community after all.

if ANET was to get involved i wouldn't mind community events like kill octovine 100000 times as a community (this would be cross server of course). and maybe for the event hand out a passive constant boost to all players like 100% more EXP and 50% more MF for example. for guild hall races they could hold a grandprix for really well made race maps and other competitions/tourneys like who can kill W7 with the least number of players etc....

also sorry if it's in the wrong forum i didn't know if this counted as festival or not since it's a brand new idea that's not exactly a festival

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