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Quick Kingslayer + Blazing Light guide


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I decided to finally try my hand at the Queen's Gauntlet this year.

As was watching other players attempt challenges, I noticed two that seem to give people the most trouble. Terrai Ossa and Liadri. I had to tweak my build around to deal with both, but with the right setup, these fights can be made trivial. 


Terrai Ossa 

For the first few 20 seconds. You are on Objective Survive mode. I recommend running something tanky to handle him. Evades, blocks, invulns, and self sustain will help you weather his assault. For this fight I used a Water/Arcane Cele Weaver. I was easily able to avoid and sustain through his damage.

Eventally he dashes or teleports to the middle of the arena he will Captain America his shield at you. Dodge it, then break his break bar. 

Resume playing Objective Survive. Eventually he will move the center of the arena again. Dodge the projectile he throws and break his breakbar. After that, you can go all in and burst him down. 


Enjoy your easy kill. 



This fight can be annoying, but there are tools to make it easier. Range is your friend in this fight. I was able to make things a lot easier on myself by playing a Fire/Earth Staff Tempest. Lightning Flash was also helpful on this fight. 

When the fight starts, immediately kill the Cosmic Rift. These are squishy so whenever you see one, throw a ranged AA at it and they will never CC you. 


For her large AoE attack, there is a pattern to it, but you don't need to learn it. Just count to three in your head when you see them and dodge. The timing is forgiving. I chose tempest for this fight because it has plenty of swiftness and vigor. These let me walk out of the AoEs and dodge whenever I couldn't make it. If I was ever out of dodges, I would use lightning flash to quickly reposition to somewhere safe. 


She'll spawn "Visions of mortality" you can either lead these into the light swirls around the arena, or kite them around the arena while whittling them down from range. Whichever option you choose, you will be rewarded with an orb of light. Throw these at Liadri to remove her invulnerability. These can quickly stack up and overwhelm you if you opt not to kill them, but you an use CC to split them up or buy yourself some space. 

Staff Ele had plenty of CC's to lock down the ads and keep them from overhwelming me. 


Once you throw enough orbs of light at her, she'll leap at you and start putting cripples and weakness on you. You can avoid these by keeping your distance. You can also CC Liadri herself create space.

If she hits you, these condis make it harder to avoid her ground targeted AoE's, but so long as you keep calm you should be fine. You can cleanse the cripple/weakness, use superspeed to ignore it, or just count to 3 and dodge the AoEs. 

Throw some condis on her as you kite around the arena. She doesn't have much health, so she should go down quickly in this phase. For Staff Tempest, I would occasioanally throw a Fire 3, signet of fire, or Earth 5 at her, and she melted in seconds. 


Once you're done, enjoy your new Title and Mini!


Hope this helps 







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