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How much does it cost to craft ascended armor/ weapon


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Hmm  60+ gold for one peace Im guessing 🥲. Just get orange gear and weapons. Also you need ascended mats that are soul bound so you cant buy those from the trading post. Also also you need a maxed lvl in armorsmith and weaponsmith so thats another like 200g.

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What the posters are alluding to is that it depends on where you are. Is your crafting already maxed? Do you already have a large stash of materials accumulated? Have you been doing daily crafting (the 1 time a day things)? Have you bought any needed recipes?

If you're interested in condi, then you may want to be making a charged quartz crystal every day. Look it up on the wiki. It's used for celestial stats.

I use a combination of the wiki and www.gw2efficiancy.com to help me with crafting needs. Once you've made ascended, you'll have the recipes so can make another easily enough, but the first one can be a bit of a head-scratcher.

[edit] I just hopped out to gw2efficiency, and was reminded that it will show you crafting costs based upon what you already have for your account. The prices are never 100% accurate, but close enough. Just get an API key for your account.


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