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WvW noob questions - trying to understand 'participation' and 'experience' better.


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So I've done enough WvW to earn my Memories of Battle but I'm still not quite sure what I'm earning participation and experience for.


I've roamed around and fought a few people, done some dailies and captured ruins, followed a few commanders capturing things, and participated in some huge battles.


Despite all this, I've managed to get to rank 7 - and it feels like all of that was from just killing NPC's.  It seems actually fighting other people gives me little to no xp?  Do you actually have to kill people? After spending an hour in a massively lopsided battle (about 3 to 1 out numbered at least) I don't think I earned a single XP - I did get participation but I get that from following around a dolyak.

In fact, just following a dolyak gives me participation, but running across the huge empty map to get to a fight loses me participation.


What am I missing?  From my limited experience, it feels like I should log in - see if a commander is curb stomping some NPCs or not, and if not, just log back out.  It doesn't seem like WvW - it just feels like really crappy PvE on a completely empty map.



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You earn participation to qualify (t3 minimum) for pips progress on your weekly skirmish reward track.


Also for your regular reward track.


You earn wxp for your ranks, which in turn you use for the wvw masteries.


There are many ways to earn both. Player kills (and you don't need the killing blow, you just need to tag with enough damage if there's others around for the kill) can earn you the most participation quickly, so much so it gets you to tier 6 easily plus they always reset your timer to 10 mins, making it easier to travel around and not worry about participation. The player kill itself might not seem much wxp, but what happens when you participation in a massive zerg kill of 30+ players? also there's the chance for extra wxp drops from those kills, including the rare kegs that can get you 5 instant wxp ranks.

Killing regular npcs will only give you 2-5 mins participation timer, it's basically killing the lord or capping an objective that gets you the 10 mins. Capping an objective can earn you chunks of wxp, and you can get a steady stream of wxp just capping objectives provided you aren't interrupted/defeated in fights for them.

Players have also taken to farming other players, unfortunately the game is lopsided when it comes to numbers and using meta specs, and yes there's a big chance fighting for the underdog side severely cuts your participation, wxp, and rewards, if your side is not getting kills, on the flip side if you're on the other side of those fights it's christmas. So when you're in a lemming vs boon blob fight(easy to tell when one side is getting one pushed constantly), make sure you're on the boon blob side, if not they maybe find action elsewhere where more equal fighting is going on.

Btw, this next week is 100% wxp bonus week with the world restructuring test.

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Thanks - your post was very useful.  I did understand the reward track before, but not the skirmish reward track.


Since the beta began, things are a little less lop-sided, so everything seems a bit better overall. 

I'll continue to take advantage of the bonus xp and rewards this week!

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