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A Game Feature which utilizes multiple Skyscales

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I have way more Skyscales than I need for this game. The reason is because, everytime I want a particular Skyscale design I buy the entire lot rather than adopt a cheaper version of the pricing structure. If there were a feature in gameplay that required multiple Skyscale genus and species it would serve two purposes immediately: 

1) It would drive the up the need and $ales of more Skyscales


2) It could be an interesting fold in the fabric of MMORPG genre to give it more dynamic presence in gameplay. 


Here is just one of many ideas.......

The story finds that Princess Carlotta Boobsalot is in great peril because Professor Fate has unseemly plans for this fair maiden. It is a matter that only a Synergetics Cyberscale is capable of pulling off such a daring do rescue. Follow through with any number of scenarios with of course, using suitable fixes and compromises so that a person who doesn't have the a particular specimen in his stable of Skyscales to still be able to achieve a suitable outcome.

I defer to the more nimble minded individuals to proffer a wider ranger of better ideas...

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