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The Strength of Warrior Auto Attacks using Coeff/Cast-Time


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Hey everyone! Someone recently made a post about making trading auto attacks with warrior be painful. I stated that warrior autos are actually strong. Lets take a look at how well that claim holds up! We will be breaking down the weapon auto attacks using the total coefficient divided by the true cast time (in the notes or self timed, not the tooltip cast). I didn't include elementalist skills because there's just so many. Ele mains pls don't hate me if you get lost in the warrior forum, I love you guys ❤️


To present the data in a more efficient way, I will be displaying how the warrior auto ranks out of the total number of autos, as well as the average difference between warrior auto, the highest coeff/cast in group, warrior coeff/cast, and the average difference in coefficient/cast-time. Without further ado, here ya go;



Warrior Rank: 3/7

Warrior coeff/cast: .810

Top-in-class coeff/cast: .925 (necromancer)

Average difference from warrior: -.088



Warrior Rank: 2/5

Warrior coeff/cast: .727

Top-in-class: .775 (scrapper)

Average difference from warrior: -.057



Warrior Rank: 3/4

Warrior coeff/cast: .492

Top-in-class: .600 (Ranger Auto Max range) / .566 (Dragon Hunter)

Average difference from warrior: .039



Warrior Rank: 4/4

Warrior coeff/cast: .420

Top-in-class: .579 (kneeling Deadeye) / .553 (Engineer)

Average difference from warrior: .077



Warrior Rank: 1/5

Warrior coeff/cast: .981

Top-in-class: .981 (Warrior)

Average difference from warrior: -.227



Warrior Rank: 1/4

Warrior coeff/cast: .736

Top-in-class: .736 (Warrior)

Average difference from warrior: -.055



Warrior Rank: 2/4

Warrior coeff/cast: .917

Top-in-class: .932 (Thief)

Average difference from warrior: -.024



Warrior Rank: 5/7

Warrior coeff/cast: .792

Top-in-class: .940 (Mesmer sword no boons)/.896 (Guardian)

Average difference from warrior: .065



It seems that warrior auto attacks, at least the melee ones, are what I would consider strong in comparison to the average auto attack of weapons in the same class (particularly axe, which is very dependent on the last strike landing to have such a high damage output). Particularly, the three main main-hands on warrior (Greatsword, axe, dagger) are all very competitive, and in what I would consider to be a good place compared to the field they are in. Sword is understandably lower, as it has condition output on it, which should justify a lower raw damage output. 


On the other hand, Warrior's ranged weapon output is what I would consider weak, being low in their class, and fairly far from the other weapons that are above them in their tier. Granted these are very narrow categories, with only 3 classes each, 4 total skills using a breakdown of conditional damage outputs (i.e. ranger AA scaling with distance). 



This implies that the problem with warrior being perceived as "weak" when trading in autos is not the strength of the auto attacks. This leaves two primary ways that warrior feels as if it cant trade autos well, and they are not mutually exclusive;


1. Mitigation: 

Other classes can output more weakness, protection, aegis, etc. as alternative means of mitigation that will result in your total damage output being lower. 


2. Trading autos is inherently stupid and you deserved to die:

Most likely, you were trying to trade autos when you absolutely shouldn't have because they have better cooldowns, are using more than autos, have mitigation built into their set to better stand up in melee, have more evade frames, have better healing, so on and so forth.


This is not to say that people saying "warrior should be the king of trading autos" are wrong. I'm not saying anything about people's opinions on what warrior should or shouldn't be. What I am saying is that warrior is not a class that trades autos, and that trading autos is a bad strategy, regardless of class. Warrior's auto attacks being "weak" is not a reason for warrior not standing in melee well or trading autos well. 

edit; these are competitive numbers, not pve

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This just proves that the mitigation on other classes has become so easy to access in a PvP situation that people are mistaking warrior for being weak, when it's just an ease of access to powerful conditions that hinder warrior in particular.


I'd like to see more condition clearing options on warrior, or even options that allow warrior to ignore these more often (resistance is only super prevelant with a couple options on warrior), and since we have trouble keeping up with other classes, having the ability to catch up could help to remove the feeling of being weak as I believe it comes from a lack of burst options, and not a lack of dps. That meaning, we have less window of opportunity to get out damage out because a lot of our higher damaging attacks are multiple hits, requiring a longer window of time to dish out the full damage. That's why bulls rush has been so prevalent for so long, as you can get off a quickened hundred blades before the enemy can stand up.

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