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Unable to complete the operation (permission denied)

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To be clear - I was sitting in Armistice Bastion waiting for WvW reset.

When the reset activated, I saw all the players around me vanish (they were loading into BLs).

My WvW menu (B) changed to show yellow "lock" icons where the queue depth is normally shown for each BL.  I could not click on any BL in the WvW menu to join.  I could only press F at one of the BL portals - but that generated the error message and code above (shown in a popup).

I exited the game and restarted.  When I loaded back into Armistice Bastion, my WvW menu was showing different BLs from my Alliance.  My home BL (Dragon's Claw) is not the same as the home shown in the World Restructuring tab for my alliance (Giant's Rise).

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