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Skill laaaaaaggg!!!


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1 hour ago, TaliesinRevel.5971 said:

First reset day waiting over 2 hours to get in to WvW then finally in and my guild runs for another 45 mins. Skill lag the entire time.

Second day I arrive an hour early, my guild arrives and within 15 mins the skill lag is so intense I cannot function, at all.

BETA Basically unplayable.


Yep, waited almost 2 hours to get in. Within 10 minutes my ping is hitting 2 - 5 seconds. Exit WvW. Ping is normal.

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Beta WVW

Yet another where I cannot transition through doors, cannot mount and dismount, cannot rez or heal as my skills are inoperable and best of all cannot recall to a waypoint after I have died for at least 15 seconds.

Not sure why this is happening, as I previously played with this guild and had no problems with lag before Beta.

When I leave the squad, I have very few issues.

It is unplayable in squad unless you think playing is running around a map doing nothing, wondering if you are dead already, or your team has already left the map.

Ping up to 3,859 regularly.


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