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[NA] [Tarnished Coast] 9+ Year Vet LF Social, Chatty Guild of Derps!


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I am a long time player who's been jumping in and out of this game for the last 9+ years, coming back from a two year or so hiatus from GW2 and looking to get into a community that, y'know, actually chats to one another and treats a guild as a social experience instead of a bag of perks to ignore at all costs. I tend to play any type of content, but I do tend to main PvE, and I prefer to chase achievements and the penultimate goal of getting literally every one of my characters in full ascended gear for every possible general build they can do. I've raided in this MMO as well as others (Wildstar & FF14 most notably), but I don't have the irl freedom to really commit to anything scheduled. I do spam t4 fractals every day, though, and like expanding my ability to bring more builds there as well as run CMs. Oh, and I've run WvW a few times, but it's probably my least played gamemode :')


So... I'm looking to figure out if your guild is a good fit! Reply below with your spiel and in particular how many active players you have - if you're small but have a chatty 4-5 members, that's good enough for me, I prefer smaller, more intimate guilds anyways than massive 200+ people guilds where I can't have an actual conversation in guild chat :P

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