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Wondering what class to level for an alt character


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I personally find the most fun classes in any game I play to be the most complex classes (classes that require fast-paced, precise inputs ). I have already leveled an Elementalist to 80 and started playing the weaver elite spec which I heard was complex and I am really enjoying it, now I want to start leveling an alt character and I have some questions.


Revenant looks cool to me but I have heard that the class can be a bit slow and boring. Is this true?


The weapon diversity of warrior is really appealing but I also worry about the class quickly becoming boring due to being overly simple and unengaging.


How is Mesmer? It looks really cool thematically though I have no idea how it is to play.


I dabbled a bit with playing engineer, but I found the class to be clunky with the targeting of grenades and the way that you have to basically walk on top of enemies with bombs. Also, the low weapon diversity is off-putting, however, holosmith looks awesome and I am wondering how holosmith feels to play.

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Holosmith doesn't really feel "complex", since you can play it without memeing with kits and still do something decent.
Mesmer depending on playstyle choice can be quite demanding if it comes to precision of inputs, like meme1shots that require a lot of keys to execute.
Revenant same as Mesmer, depends on playstyle, it can be demanding, but it doesn't have to be.
You can also check Thiefs, the abomination of this game. They can be the most "intense" to play, but most people choose to be cheesers.
IMO complexity of classes is like:
Elementalist/Engineer > Revenant > Mesmer > Thief > Warrior/Ranger > Guardian/Necromancer

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You should change the ground targeting in the settings to "instant", it makes nades much more fluid and you can basically hold the key to auto attack instead of spamming the button.

If you're anything like me...you'll end up making all classes, that's just how it goes XD

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Mesmer is great and is vastly different to most classes. My only recommendation is to not post on the Mesmer forums for advise since they are a dreary bunch. 

The main strength of Mesmer is almost all its damage comes from shattering, so it is all about clone generation manager. Your rotation are highley dependent on predicting the future and targeting the high health mobs (Elites or Champion) so your clones don't dissappear to maximise damage. 

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