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[EU] LF Raid Guild or Friends to Raid with (Afternoon or Weekend Preferred)

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I'm looking for a raid group where I can learn different roles or a W5-7 Challenge Mote progression group.


I can pretty much gear up for anything and will put in effort to learn whatever role that is given to me. For now I do have a guild to raid with but I'm almost completely jailed to DPS, it's getting dull for me so I'm looking to join more group. I'd prefer runs that are in the afternoon or during weekend, or making friends who raids during daytime sometimes would be great too :D


For my experience level, I have around ~50kp for each W5-7 final boss. 


Message me in game if you need more info. My main account has no more guild slot but if I find a suitable one I'll make room for it x) 

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