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hqs question (pve)

Noah Salazar.5430

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So i liked play  heal quickness scrapper on t4 fractals/strikes/raids with that build: 


it provides quicknes, protection, 50% fury, 25 might and stab, and also was good to carry ppl with heals


Problem is anet nerfed medical dispersion field, so i can't any longer burst f1 heal as it's deleyed by 3s for allys -_- (f1 is self only witchout medical dispersion field)

and now thay nerfing med blaster by 50% (0.2 to 0.1 healing stats) makig it bit popo


So not only i can't contol my healing burst, but also my stabile healing isn't on that lv like was before

only bandage self heal for a bit if you staying stacked and all 3-5 bandages hits your allys


Making me wonder why just not abadon med kit, and replace it for medic gyro, same with pistol+sheild for rifle


as rifle will apply 10stacs might that you replace from hgh, and also you apply fury from critical hits (no scope) for 8s evry 8s


pam or other alac dps have acces to protection/fury for team so you no longer need nessesary have 100% boon uptime on that


What you think about it, or have you any ways to combine firearms+inventions better for qhs? or do you have any tips how to deal with 0.2->0.1 med blaster nerf?


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I personally never have a problem with the heal output, when I play any support engineers. Med kit 3+5 then 4+2 usually solves all my problem. If it doesn't, E-gun 5 has a nice initial healing, and mortar 5 handles the rest. I rarely need to use med-kit 1.

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