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[NA][PvX] [RISE] Reborn Of Embers is Recruiting!


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  • Are you:
    • on the hunt for a friendly, active, and knowledgeable guild to play GW2 with?
    • new to the game, recently returning to the game after a hiatus, somewhat experienced, or a long-time veteran?
    • looking for a guild that prioritizes building a community first and foremost, while also offering all sorts of fun events such as PvE, raid, fractals, strikes, DnD, social events, and other events?

If so, [RISE] may be for you!

Reborn of Embers [RISE] is a guild that has been around for many years now, and we pride ourselves on building an inclusive, friendly community of people who can feel comfortable jumping into any content we run in our guild without fear of toxicity, even in endgame or competitive content. We do not tolerate elitism, bigotry, or harassment in the guild, and are both LGBTQIA+ friendly and have diverse representation in the guild generally and in leadership.

We offer a weekly calendar of events both in and out of GW2, including raids, fractals, other PvE content, guild missions, social events (such as weekly anime events, movie nights, book club, drinking games, and more), and also encourage members of any rank to create their own events for other content, such as PvP, WvW, and DnD. Events are usually scheduled on ET time, though we have members from all across the world that often host events at different times as well! We also have a maxed Guild Hall (Windswept Haven) where we also host guild-wide parties for special occasions, with games and prizes.

We also have a VERY active Discord server where we all like to hang out and have fun! If you’re looking for a guild where people enjoy hanging out and joking around with each other, even when there isn’t an event going on, this is the perfect guild for you. We even have a weekly newsletter to highlight upcoming events and achievements or milestones our members have reached!

If all of this sounds like a fun time to you, feel free to follow this link to access our application! We generally have a trial period so that both you and us can confirm that [RISE] is the best place for you, and details on that trial period will be sent upon approval of your application.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the trial period, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our recruitment officers:

Nicole: GW2: snikkins.2759 Discord: snikkins#0274

Ferrocii: GW2: CaliTenebrae.8324 Discord: Frozen Ferocity#2125

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