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Engineer: Throw Mines with Gadgeteer Trait uses Wrong Coefficient (1.65 instead of 2)

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With the upcoming patch, Throw Mines will be having a coefficient boost to 3. However, currently if you use the trait Gadgeteer, Throw Mines uses the wrong coefficient, instead using the coefficient from Deploy Mines, the underwater version of Throw Mines.

Throw Mines has a corresponding underwater skill called Deploy Mines, and the two skills have a different damage coefficient. Throw Mines has a coefficient of 2, and Deploy Mines has a coefficient of 1.65


If you take the Tools traitline, there is a trait called Gadgeteer, which modified Throw Mines to drop a second mine at your feet. Both of these mines, when traited, use the Deploy Mine coefficient of 1.65 rather than the Throw Mines coefficient of 2.


When you update Throw Mines, could you guys also fix the Gadgeteer trait so the mines have the correct coefficient?


Thank you.

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