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Wife and I wanted to get into WvW but we're on totally separate teams. So not playing WvW until this ends on the 19th.


Somehow have to get balancing done

somehow have to figure out this "Queing" up to get into a battlefield

Maybe queing up for teams? Before the battle starts? 50 man teams? IDK

But allow people to que up and make one change during game play in case their not with their family member


And yes you're right pikalovr, an in-game e-mail or even RL mail saying you better pick or you're getting thrown into a team would be great. I logged in after the 11th deadline and would have been great if it still said choose a  team and make sure your family member chooses the same, I get it, it's BETA, we're testing. But I'll just wait till it goes back to the normal way.


I think I do like the teams aspect but seems pretty slow right now still, with no commanders.



When we're coming into a map, no I don't think you should see the enemies running on the playing field but what about putting all of our team dots on the map so we can see where everybody is at??? That would be helpful

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On 8/15/2022 at 5:04 AM, havenoclue.5086 said:

Sometimes you see your teams dots. (I'm talking about if you're not in a squad yet)

Sometimes you see the enemy orange dots too.


you see your teammate dots that are in proximity, but only if you are not fully zoomed out on the map.

You see the enemys orange dots, when they are "marked" from a Sentry or a Watchtower.

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