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Updating 1handed running animations


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Would be lovely to see a running animation update for 1 handed weapons, cause right now they look kinda dumb.
You hit yourself in the face with axes and maces, and swords come really close to your head too.
It looks as if you're just carrying plastic weapons with no weight to them. Would be lovely to see this updated to not move as much when you run.
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The fire animation of sceptre ele on fire attunement is simply.. Bad. They should rework atleast that, idk change it into fire balls, it would be alot eassier if there would be just one animation of autoattack, no matter the class, mesmer one looks okay ish

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The fact the standing still animation is "correct" with the offhand "mostly" in-front of you so if your using a shield it is actually at the ready but then someone decided to make the run animation just a jog with your fore arms flailing up and down is incredible. Somehow Todd Howard and Bethesda's clowns they have on the animation team can get it right but Anet who actually do generally have decent animations completely screwed the pooch.

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