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WvW World Restructuring Beta Feedback August 2022

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WvW World Restructuring Beta Feedback August 2022 

I'm absolutely thrilled that this is finally coming together after waiting all these years! This week we've had some epic fights and both our team and the enemies have a a good mix of guilds on during our timezone.

But some of our guildies are unhappy this week, since they've been put on different teams and are separated from the guild. They've mentioned that some of the other teams are quite deserted at certain times of day. 

Some of them checked the box on the WvW panel tab 5. Others did not check the box, since they did not know they needed to. Not everyone reads the forums or the update notes. Before the previous beta, I sent a mail to everyone in the guild to let them know what was going on. This was quite time consuming, since each mail needs to be sent individually. Of course we sent reminders in Discord, as well as in the daily guild message, as well as every day during our WvW run.

It doesn't need to be this hard!

Some suggestions to communicate better for the beta:

>>> Mail from Anet to everyone (similar to the ones we get announcing festivals)

>>> WvW panel opens as a one-time pop-up on login to prompt a choice of guild

>>> More info in WvW tab 5 about how the new system works

Some ideas for the future, once the new system is in place:

>>> NPC in starting zones, Lion's Arch and major cities to introduce WvW and explain WvW guilds

>>> NPC in WvW spawn zones explaining the new system

>>> Prompt to choose as WvW guild when joining a new guild

As a guild leader, I need to know who is on our WvW team, to plan our team comp, remind those who still haven't checked the box, as well as to clear inactive players during roster maint. With teams changing more often, it's going to get more difficult to keep track of everything, unless the guild user interface is updated.

>>> It would be ideal to be able to see each player's WvW guild choice as a column in the guild roster!

That's my long list! Really excited to see WvW evolving- thanks so much!

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